watch dog badges (set of four)

watch dog badges (set of four)

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Generally when we think of hackers and pins, we're talking about the security measure on things such as credit cards and ATM debit cards. Or physical pins, but the tiny kind that you find on chips and boards that may need a bit of tweaking to achieve their full potential.

You already have the pins of the sort we're takling about. Sometimes they're called badges. Or pinbacks. They're the sort of pin you wear to say, "I did this awesome thing, and you have not." The sort you keep. The sort you trade. This set of 4 round badges includes the Watch Dogs game logo, the Fox logo, the Zero logo, and the DedSec ASCII graffiti skull. We think they look great on a suit when you have to get dressed up in a suit for some self-important bigwigs. They'll probably mistake the Fox logo or Zero logo for some sort of Masonic organization. We suggest you make up a secret handshake to try out on them.

Product Specifications

  • Set of 4 round pins
  • Includes game logo, Fox logo, Zero logo, and DedSec skull
  • Officially-licensed Watch Dogs merchandise
  • All black and white (not blue like the Fox badge in the DedSec Edition)
  • Metal pin back has safety clasp
  • Dimensions: 1 1/2" diameter

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