Universal Gadget Holder

Universal Gadget Holder

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Feature :

FLOURISH LAMA sailors do not need any glue or nails, use as long as a gentle throw,

It can be posted on the wall, even if the uneven wall is no problem.

And full of flexibility, you can pull any, there is amazing suction force!

Do not think sticky up to tear off, gently tear from the edge, easily peel off, do not leave traces.

Do not have to worry about tearing off, the glue will not make the above, as long as the water rinse, immediately change!


FLOURISH LAMA sailor stickers are not afraid of UV and high temperature exposure.

Even when the temperature reaches 100 ° C, there is no case of melting or deformation.


FLOURISH LAMA sailor stickers adhesion performance is very stable,

Stick a bottle on the wall will not fall, but not recommended to challenge its use limit.


So the sale, still need to remind customers to pay attention to goods safety, heavier, vulnerable, expensive items

Should try to avoid prolonged vertical or inverted paste, to prevent accidental damage!







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