6L portable cooling warming refrigerator

6L portable cooling warming refrigerator

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Electronic refrigerator and ordinary household refrigerators are different. It is a mechanical compressor compression refrigeration, instead of using electronic semiconductor refrigeration principle, it will not cause pollution, and the power supply is the vehicular ad hoc power, into the car cigarette lighter can be used, plug and play, fast and convenient. The style for a variety of car, on the front and rear seat when the armrest is, need to drink with take with use, outdoor can be used as diet table brought drinks, attached to the strap design carry more convenient. Space saving and convenient, 8 listen to coke cans, lift type design, apically attached 4 beverages placement base, outings drink the most convenient, portable type strap design can be carried on the body, easy to carry. Because of the light weight, easy to carry, its beautiful appearance and design, complete function, will bring you comfort especially in your hard work and enjoy the drink, will reduce your day's fatigue.

  • Capacity: 6 liters/9 cans
  • Cooling capacity 40 degree Fahrenheit to minus 45 degree Fahrenheit
  • Heats up to 140 degree Fahrenheit
  • LCD temperature display
  • Start-up power: 5.5-amp
  • Operating power: 4.5-amp
  • An optional AC adapter can be purchased separately for use in dorm rooms or offices



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