I love u Heart shape Rose gift

I love u Heart shape Rose gift

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LED I love u Heart shape Rose
Rose - the flower of love! Representative beautiful pure love and blessings! Red roses: a deep love you; pink roses: emotionally heart, declaration of love; white roses: innocence and purity; yellow roses: treasure blessing, try to love, bye, love apologize; Purple Rose: mysterious and romantic, precious, unique; Blue Rose: honest and kind-hearted; orange roses: friendship, youthful beauty; champagne roses: love the mood.

It is a perfect choice for wedding/birthday gift/valentine gift/anniversity gift/gift to your girl freind

Ever dream about having a romantic bath filled with rose petals but feel the roses are too expensive? This item will be the answer for you! 

The gorgeous set includes approx. 90pcs flower petal in wrapped gift box. 

It also comes with a compliment heart-shaped luminous lamp to add the romance. 

It can be an elegant gift for your friends and family and suitable for all occasions including Birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Wedding, and Anniversary.



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