Ultimate triple slicer

Ultimate triple slicer

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Triple Slicer is a multifunctional kitchen helper that combines 3 blades in one utensil for perfect cutting, peeling, shaving, shredding, and grating.

The Triple Slicer is the indispensable helper for every kitchen, an innovative compact multi-purpose tool with which you can easily prepare dishes in no time!
The Triple Slicer is perfect for cutting, peeling, shaving, shredding, and grating. It is mounted in a stainless steel base with a turning wheel that, at a flick of a wrist, lets you change between the 3 razor-sharp revolving blades at any time to suit your needs: 
(1) The ingenious Ceramic Blade can be used to flexibly peel or cut thin or thick slices of fruits, vegetables, cold cuts and much more! 
(2) The Julienne Blade creates fantastically beautiful julienne strips easily and fast for vegetable noodles, salads, etc. 
(3) The Serrated Blade is the ideal all-rounder for cutting and peeling fruits, vegetables, cheese and much more! 
The Livington Triple Slicer comes with a Decorating Cutter with its sharp cutting blade. It’ll enable you to make perfect fruit and vegetable decorations without hassle and in lightning speed! Its cutting knife is shaped like a V, curved and sharpened on both sides. This means, it easily cuts all kinds of fruits and vegetables. You push it in and then back out and you do that all the way around. When you arrive at your first carving point, you have a beautiful garnish, and with that you can embellish all your dishes.

Triple Slicer
Triple Slicer

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