Professional slushie maker

Professional slushie maker

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  • Create perfect Slushies in minutes with the new Slushy Maker
  • Treat friends and family at your next party or get together to a delicious Ice Cold Slushy
  • The Slushy Machine is fun for all ages whether you want soft drinks or cocktails
  • The Slush Machine to cool down on a hot summer's day or to have a delicious cocktail
  • Slush maker includes Instructions on how to make Tasty Slush Drinks

 Slushie Maker, a device that promises smooth, silky iced drinks in just minutes. It works by agitating your favorite beverage around a metal canister filledSimply fill up the central cooling chamber with ice and salt. Once it reaches the ideal temperature , the Professional Slushie Maker blades will scrape ice crystals off the central chamber flowing out the easy spout and delivering you a perfectly consistent ice treat! No lumpy bumpy ice bits.The Professional Slushie Maker also comes with an instruction booklet with recipes, so it's easy peasy to get started.So make way for summer and treat everybody to your professionally made slushie! It's ideal for parties [kids and adults!] and makes a great gift item.It's party time! So what better way to quench your thirst than with a homemade Slush Drink! The Slush maker comes in red with a white nozzle and borders, plus a see through slushy container so you can see your tasty drink being made and get it to the right consistency. Get ready to treat everybody to your delicious and vibrant slushy drinks. It's ideal for all events and caters for all ages. So get creative and see what mouth-watering beverages you can come up with using the slushy maker, whether it's an exotic cocktail for the adults or a sweet fruity drink for the kids, the Slushy Machine is sure to please all. The central metal cooling chamber filled with ice provides direct freezing action for the fastest possible results. After your drink is chilled to the ideal temperature the Slushy Maker scrapes ice crystals off the cooling chamber for a perfect frozen slush! The easy flow pouring tap releases the smooth icy drink in a perfect consistency with no ice chunks. Slush Machine includes Instructions.‚Äč



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