Shrimp Butler

Shrimp Butler

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Shrimp Butler is the kitchen appliance that speeds up the process of peeling and deveining shrimp. This shrimp peeler is an all in one shrimp butterflier and shrimp deveiner. Shrimp Butler is the ultimate tool in how to peel shrimp quickly and easily. Simply insert raw shrimp into the Shrimp Butler, pull the handle, and out comes butterflied and deveined shrimp. Shuck the peelings from the shrimp under a faucet and your shrimp are ready for cooking. Shrimp Butler can peel shrimp from very small (41/50 ct.) to extra large (21/25 ct.).

Stop standing over the sink for hours with an aching back and nasty hands. Let the Shrimp Butler butterfly and devein your shrimp for you. When you're through disassemble the Shrimp Butler and place in the dishwasher. Shrimp Butler is dishwasher safe!

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