Mini kebab maker

Mini kebab maker

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Reinvent your aperitifs! Surprise your guests by preparing mini skewers. Combine the flavors and get a different appetizer every time. Cook brochettes with no smoke and no-mess. Cook 4 or 8 skewers at a time. Includes a booklet with several original and easy to prepare recipes. Steaming retains all the nutrients of foods without the need to add oils or other fatty substances.

Steamed kabobs may sound like a travesty. For all intents and purposes, it probably is. But if you want to enjoy a kabob-like dinner without the mess of grilling, this microwave-destined Lekue Kabob Maker can make you all the skewered treats you like.

Instead of grilling your kabobs, this microwave cookware will cook them with steam, creating skewers that’s likely healthier than the ones you make with an open fire. Of course, it won’t taste the same, but a little work when it comes to picking ingredients, rubbing them with spices, and preparing some delicious condiments should still net you some satisfying results. Plus, you can fry them a little to get them brown after steaming, in case you can’t have a proper meal without that caramelized taste.

The Mini Kabob Maker is, basically, a large microwavable container, with cutouts on the walls for laying down your skewers. Two sets of cutouts allow you to make up to eight skewers at a time (four on the lower cutouts, four above it), so you can make dinner for an entire small family in one go. To cook, just pour a centimeter of water down the container, prepare your skewers, arrange them on the cutouts, and cook on the microwave. Done – it’s easy, simple, and with way less things to clean up than a grilling session in the backyard.

It comes with  40 wooden skewers to get you started on the path to steamed brochettes. Dimensions are 9 x 8 x 5 inches (l x w x h).



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