Pasta Machine

Pasta Machine

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With this vintage-style pasta maker, you can make fresh, homemade pasta just like your grandmother or mother used to. The steps are so simple that you only need to prepare your dough, feed it through the roller to make a sheet, then feed it through the cutter to shape your noodles. Sturdy base and adjustable steel rollers knead, roll out and cut delicious fresh pasta. Also great for crafters for rolling out polymer clay. Absolutely, it is a capable assistant and a perfect partner for the pasta lovers


• Brand new and high quality

• Classic design

• Made of top-quality galvanize steel

• Hand operated, convenient removable Crank handle for easy storage

• Clamps to your countertop for stability

• Make delicious homemade pasta

• Sturdy, easy to use manual machine

• Very durable and easy to clean

• Adjustable steel rollers with regulating knob for multiple thickness settings, design for kneading dough, Thicknesses from 0.5 - 3mm

• Flat roller plus 2 cutting dies for narrow or wide pasta

• Heavy-duty construction and metal housing for a lifetime use

• Tempered steel gears

• Easy To Operate



Body: Stainless steel, Galvanized surface

Crank handle: plastic

Clamp: plastic

Maker Size:

Width: 18 cm

Height: 13.5cm


Cut: 0.08"/2mm pasta sheets and 0.2"/5mm fettuccine

Weight: 2.5kg

Package includes:

1 x pasta maker

1 x Crank handle

1 x Clamp 


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