Multi vegetable holder

Multi vegetable holder

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Slice the onion in half, lay the flat side down on the board, and insert the prongs into the onion, ideally right in the middle - slice either parallel or into the prongs for thin slices.
It's especially handy for that last inch or so and you want your whole onion thinly sliced! If you insert the prongs into the middle, you can slice (parallel) first on one side then on the other, and you can have the slices paper-thin.
If you want diced onions, this gadget is a huge help too. Again, cut in half, lay the onion flat side down, slice using the prongs as guides, keep the holder in place, then slice parallel to the prongs for thin diced onions.

Stainless steel tines hold the onion steady and guides your knife for even slices
Attached stainless steel oval removes onion odor from hands
Comfortable santoprene handle provides a secure non-slip grip
Measures 6.25 inch/16cm tall by 4 inch/10cm wide




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