Kitchen Storage Rack

Kitchen Storage Rack

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1.Perfect for putting chopsticks, spoon, knives, spices, dish towels and other kitchen storage.
2.Hook can freely slide, they can adjust the distance depending on the items
3.All of cups and hooks is the same size
4.In front of a fence to protect the items will not slide down.
5.The shelf's width is 4.3",it is perfectly sized for placing salt and pepper grinders in reach for easy access while cooking.what's more The fence avoid the units falling down effectively.
6.There are 12 adjustable hooks, fit both the thicker handled mugs and larger utensils,Such as pots, pans and ladle set,Spatulas,gloves,ect
7.5 Knife holder hold knife tightly and without any noise when get out or put in knife.
8.It will be the good choice for gifts.


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