Hello Kitty water dispenser 2.5L

Hello Kitty water dispenser 2.5L

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2.5 Liters Mini Water Dispenser 8 Glasses Water Dispenser Hello Kitty

Product Description

Mini water dispenser:

1. None electric mini water dispenser.

2. Cute design for a mini water cooler. Holds 2.5 liters - equivalent to 8 glasses.

3. Great for personal use .Use in the office, Use in the bedroom, Use in the kitchen.

4. Holds water, tea, juice and other beverages. The bottle is included. (This product don't have electric plug for cooling and heating function. The water is at room temperature.)

5. Too lazy or busy to leave your desk for a drink of water? Don't worry, you can have your healthy life!

1 bottle of water = 8 cups of water = people everyday needed

6. It can be for drinking or for skin care. We suggest that you consume at least 8 glasses of good and wholesome refreshing water every day.

7. Drinking water has never been so funny!




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