Adjustable measuring spoon

Adjustable measuring spoon

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  • Quantitative Adjustable Kitchen Plastic Cooking Spoon Milk Spoon Headed Nine Files with A Scale Measuring Spoons
  • Adjustable measuring scoop.
  • Slide adjuster to increment needed.
  • Easy to use and clean. Convenient to use.
  • With 9 files on both sides, which are 1ml / 1g, 2ml / 2g, 3.5ml / 3.5g, 5ml / 5g, 7ml / 7g, 9ml / 9g, 11ml / 11g, 13ml / 13g
  • It is also a distinctive choice to be use as a gift or souvenir.
  • Makes an excellent gift for any occasion, for wedding, birthday, party and so on.
  • It suitable for home and restaurant use.
  • There is no substitute for measuring ingredients accurately.
  • Durable, useful essential for your kitchen.




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