AL-HARAMEEN Table Azan Clock HA-3005

AL-HARAMEEN Table Azan Clock HA-3005

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Product Description

AL Harameen azan clock HA-3005

Complete azan for all prayers(with volume control).

Prayer alarms to reminders of Iqama or salat time for all prayers.

Prayer times for most cities in the world with five calendars are supported for the time of prayer.

To easy use programming by international dialing telephone code especially in Al-harameen.

Could easily modify the difference time prayer to the outskirts of cities adopted it .

The possibility turn on or off azan sound imposed on all alone .

Temperature .

Daily alarm.

Special alarm to weak up ,works automatically with the possibility of closure.

Hijri and Gregorian calendars.

Daylight saving time option .

Snooze option .

Full screen LED light .

One year guarantee  

Volume control switch

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