Turkish red tasbeeh

Turkish red tasbeeh

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Turkish red tasbeeh

  1. Round capsule shape tasbeeh turkish red coral stone
  2. Made in turkey
  3. Made of 33 high-grade 10mm authentic orange carnelian beads, silver pewter beads with chain tassel of 7mm carnelian beads

"Misbaha, islamic or turkish prayer beads" are most commonly made of various gemstones, silver, wooden beads, shell, horn, glass and synthetic. Semi precious stone beads are made of; carnelian agate, amber, amethyst, jet stone, onyx, turquoise, pearl, coral, jade, lapis, tiger's eye, etc whereas wooden beads are made of; walnut, ebony, rosewood, wenge tree, guayacan tree, olive tree, etc.
The number of beads also varies depending on the different religions, Islamic prayer beads "Tesbih", "Tasbih" or "Misbaha" usually have either ninety nine or thirty three beads, 

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