Motorised tie rack

Motorised tie rack

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Make hectic mornings less stressful with the motorized tie rack—order yours today!


  • Organise ties neatly for easy access and use
  • Attaches securely and stays in place
  • Rotates at the push of a button

Motorized Tie Rack

Only takes up four inches.

This exceedingly compact motorized tie rack clips directly onto your closet rod. With a sleek, cylindrical design and more than sixty flaps to place your ties on, it lets you organize every tie while taking up just 4 inches of closet space.


You’ll see the light with our Motorized Tie Rack.

Front-side light makes it even easier to find the tie you’re looking for. At the press of a button, the light switches on and the cylinder moves the ties around in a circle, so you can make your selection with ease.


Before Mike Tyson the boxer, there’s only Mike Tieson and his collection of ties meant to knockout job interviewers and boardroom colleagues. Keep your prized possession neatly in order get the electronic tie rack 

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Our motorized rack is built for belts too.

Clip on a special attachment and have this rack play double duty, keeping your belts organized and ready for you at just the push of a button.


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This revolving tie rack holds 30 ties and has a jewelry storage compartment built at the top. Easily install the Electronic Wall Mounted Tie Rack to your wall using the included mounting plate and screws. The rack attaches securely and stays in place, allowing you to rotate your ties in either direction at the push of a button. The built in light automatically turns on while the ties are rotating for easy, hassle free access

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