Stretch and Fresh - Silicone Strechable Cover

Stretch and Fresh - Silicone Strechable Cover

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Stretch and Fresh is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to keep your food fresh. This product is a rubber lid that can be stretched and conformed to fit almost any kind of food container. Once on top of the storage container, the user needs only to press down on the center of the lid to make it airtight. Thus, your food will last longer during storage. Multiple sizes ensure you will always have the size you need available for any container.

Tips & Tricks

Use this product to keep watermelons, cantaloupes and other melons fresh. If you have half of a melon, stretch this product onto the top and store it in the fridge. This way, your fruit will stay fresh for longer and you will not need to use plastic wraps or aluminum foils. Reuse the product once you need the fruit.

Do not try to fit a small Stretch and Fresh onto a large container. Instead, use either a medium or large Stretch and Fresh lid for a better fit. This way, the rubber lid will be more secure and will stay on your container firmly.

1 LARGE (8"X8")
2 MEDIUM (6"X6")
1 SMALL (4"X4")

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