Car Cane

Car Cane

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Get in and out of your car with ease! Car Cane is your helping hand!


Have you ever struggled to get up and out of the car? Do you push with your arm when you try to stand? Or ask someone to give you a hand? Then let us help you out with the incredible new Car Cane. This portable handle hooks instantly into the door latches of your car. Simply open your door and snap it on!


Car Cane Mobility and Standing Aid with Built-In Flashlight

  • Portable handle helps drivers or passengers troubled by joint pain stand up while exiting vehicles
  • Forged construction can hold up to 350lb.
  • Stand up on your own without asking for assistance
  • Provides a convenient grip when it’s slippery out
  • Built-in flashlight with bright LEDs
  • Non-slip grip
How It Works
  • Handle locks into place on open door to provide leverage
  • Unlocks from door for easy storage in glove box
  • Made to work with any car
  • Flashlight LEDs made to last up to 100,000 hours
  • Dimensions: 12”x3”x12”

If you struggle with getting in and out of your car, let the Car Cane give you your freedom back!

  • Car Cane securely hooks into place and will not move allowing you to get a steady grip when you need it.  
  • Fits virtually any car. * 
  • Non-slip grip is comfortable to hold.
  • Gives you the leverage to lift yourself up.
  • Forged aluminum construction can hold 350lbs (160kg).
  • Stores away easily in your door or glove box.
  • Gives you a handy grip so you won’t slip on those icy days.
  • Built-in flashlight. The super-bright LEDs can last 100,000 hours (Uses 2 x 3V CR3032 Batteries - included).
  • This portable grip can double up as an “Accident Emergency Tool”. It has a built-in seat belt cutter and hammer feature to break glass in case of emergencies. 

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