chair leg cover

chair leg cover

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Decorate your room/protect your floor/reduce noise:
Furniture protectors are like little booties for your chair and furniture. Slip them onto chair legs and you will be able to more easily and smoothly move the chair around on the floor without worrying about scratches and annoying noise. 
Table leg covers make great additions to decor, too. Brighten up a room with a sock or match the colors to the room's decor.
Slip on floor protectors for chair are like slippers for your chairs and tables! 
Anti-skid stripes are combined inside of the socks, which will improve the grip on the furniture legs, as well as double the lifespan of the socks.
EASY Care Instructions :
All Wislife chair leg protectors are made of acrylic and spandex and are machine washable. We suggest washing in a mesh bag or by hand due to the small size, in cold water on delicate cycle, use no bleach. Air dry preferred. 
Wislife furniture socks can easily be dusted off by gently brushing with your hand to remove any dirt or dust that may collect around the sock during everyday use. 
Occasionally removing dirt and dust is recommended as it will cause scratching if it is allowed to build up.


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