Bed Boost Custom Mattress Support

Bed Boost Custom Mattress Support

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Bed Boost Custom Mattress Support


- Instantly lifts and supports any mattress!

- Supports up to 700 lbs

- Fully adjustable comfort and support

- Great as a leg or back lift

- Quick and easy to install, comes with handheld pump

- Measures 20" x 30"


Fix Your Sagging Mattress in Minutes!

Make your sagging mattress more comfortable with Bed Boost. Just insert under your mattress, inflate and enjoy instant lift and support. This amazing custom bed support makes your mattress feel like new again. It helps alleviate back pain and snoring, while providing you with a great night?s sleep.

Bed Boost Is Fast, Easy and Affordable

Why throw away money on the cost of replacing your sagging mattress? You can repair it yourself in a matter of minutes with Bed Boost. The unique, inflatable design works with any type of mattress. It instantly adds the lift you need for more comfortable sleep. And, the extremely durable construction supports up to 700 lbs.

Fully Adjustable for Customized Comfort

Unlike other mattress repair solutions, Bed Boost provides individualized support. Inflate it to your desired level of lift using the handheld pump. It?s easy to adjust as needed to ensure your optimum comfort. With the benefit of personalized firmness, your mattress may feel even better than the day you bought it!

Sleep More Soundly ? Even While Traveling

Because Bed Boost employs an inflatable cushion, it packs up compactly for storage and travel. Bring it in your suitcase to add personalized support to lumpy hotel beds or uncomfortable foldout couches. You?ll get more out of your business trips and leisure vacations when you get a good night?s sleep.

A Smart Choice for Mattress Repair

Bed Boost comes with a 20" x 30" inflatable pillow and easy-to-use handheld pump. Made of resilient plastic and polypropylene, the pillow is engineered for long-lasting comfort and support. Transform your sagging mattress fast with Bed Boost!


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