Spin spa

Spin spa

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Just add your favorite soap or body wash and let Spin Spa do the rest! The extra-long handle makes reaching your back and lower legs easy! Spin Spa requires no installation and takes  'AA' batteries(Not included) Spin Spa includes all of the following
: Spinning Spa Shower Brush Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas Instantly beautifies the body Removes dead cells
Turns home into a spa Includes 5 x spa attachments:
Cleansing head – soft bristled head for gentle cleansing
Massage head – built-in rubber massagers intertwined in soft bristles
Pumice stone head – helps make rough skin smooth and removes calluses
Microdermabrasion head – Use to exfoliate skin
Mesh sponge head – gentle exfoliation Water-resistant, long-reaching 9″ handle with a non-slip grip
The Spin Spa brush has a massage and cleaning head to cleanse different parts of the body, an exfoliation head to clean the facial area, a pedicure head for your feet and a micro-dermabrasion head to scrub away flaky skin. The 9″ handle with a non-slip grip makes it easy to reach every inch of your body. Battery-powered
Dimensions: 13.5cm x 5.5cm Net weight: 122g
Rotating stainless steel micro-blades slough away dead skin without causing irritation
Buffing pad removes rough skin patches, calluses and dead skin-build up on heels while finishing pad softens soles and toes for supple and healthier skin Two multi-functional speeds: Low rotation for scrubbing and exfoliation on soles and toes High rotation for removing callus on heels 


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