Robotic Chair Massager cushion

Robotic Chair Massager cushion

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This full-sized seat-topper is ideal for use in the car, at home, or in the office. The ver­ti­cal and cir­cu­lar motion of the mas­sag­ing back will relieve ten­sion, pain and stress for the back, neck, and shoul­ders. For peo­ple suf­fer­ing from nag­ging back pain and dis­com­fort, this mas­sage cush­ion is a prac­ti­cal solu­tion. When placed on your car seat, sim­ply plug in the socket and adjust the speed and inten­sity of the mas­sage with the wired con­troller. For long dri­ving trips, it comes as blessed relief.

You can also use it at home while read­ing, watch­ing TV or relax­ing for a sooth­ing back mas­sage in optimum comfort. Providing infrared heat and vibrat­ing mas­sage, it's every­thing you need to relax and de-stress at home or on the road! Use the con­ve­nient remote con­trol to choose from inten­sity lev­els of vibra­tion, tar­get body zones, and add on to or remove the infrared heat option. 

  • Sooth­ing infrared heat uses long light waves to send pen­e­trat­ing heat deep into mus­cles
  • Home/Auto Adap­tors included for enjoy­ing a mas­sage at home, office or car
  • Motors direct mas­sage and inten­sity to inde­pen­dently con­trol­lable zones
  • Ergonomic hand-held controller

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