Multifunction Foot Bath Massager

Multifunction Foot Bath Massager

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The Multifunction Foot Bath Massager is the perfect combination of the point massage theory with traditional technology. It provides you with several therapies like heat and bubble therapy, vibration massage, infrared heating therapy and magneto therapy. This foot massager soothes and invigorates to revive tired feet, improve sleep and increase your blood circulation.


  • Functions:
    • Infrared light
    • Heat control
    • Vibration at the bottom of the tub when power is on
    • Pedi-stone for feet’s dead skin removal
  • Usage:
    • Herbs may be added for a relaxing herbal soak
    • Can also be used as a bubble spa
  • Specifications:
    • Material: Safe PP
    • Voltage: 220v, 600W
    • Weight: Approximately 3kg
    • Water Volume: 4.5 liter
    • Dimensions: 39 x 23 x 43 (cm)

Product Features:

Vibrating massager

  • Keep warm function
  • Effective stimulated nodes
  • Bubble jet
  • Infrared lamp
  • Irregular surface
  • Bicycle roller

Foot Bath Massager  is made of high quality material, durable enough for your daily using Carefully designed, excellent for use
This foot massager is adopted international latest heating element, equipped with multi-functional, fast heat, safe and reliable
It is fitted with Micro-computer wireless control, having different kinds of functions
Suitable for professional use or home use

Multi functions
Acupoint massage; Automatic heater; Infrared care; Bubble impact; Vibration massage; Magneto therapy

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