Lip pump

Lip pump

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Lip Pump
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Product Description

Product size: 10 cm long, 3.8 cm wide, high 16 cm (0.2 cm) manual measurement, the error + -

Color: red

Material: ABS.

Implement the principle of abundant lip: abundant lip by the method of physical exercise, make the lips in under the action of vacuum suction, abundant lip prompted the lips of the blood capillary expansion, eventually to achieve the effect of abundant lip beauty lip maintenance. Safety science, this method does not need injections, also do not need hyaluronic acid and other chemicals, non-invasive, painless, give you a natural and sexy lips, with sexy lips full confidence, full of charm.

Method of use:

1, beauty lip is first set in the mouth

2, the bottom of the lip wrap slowly down, then the lips would feel expansion

3, then beauty lip slowly shrink back

4, each 15 to 20 seconds, drooping lip Angle upward, lip lines disappear, his thin become full.

5, repeat the above steps can massage the lips

Friendship remind:

1, please do not place this product in children accessible place, in order to avoid accidents

2, if the lips are presented, please do not use this product

3, in use, if there is pain or discomfort, please stop using immediately

4, please do not put this product in moist or high temperature place, avoid direct sunlight

Packing: * 1, abundant lip color box packaging * 1 in English


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