DIY Nail art magic

DIY Nail art magic

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With this cool and creative little machine you can get your nail art done in super high quality and style in as little as 5 seconds. A magic device that brings much more convenience, fashion and beauty to your life!

It is easy to use this printing machine to stamp the new images and designs on your nails. It comes with 9 image plates allowing you to paint up to 54 different images on your nails. This incredible little "magic" machine helps to make your finger and toe nails beautiful, creative and fashionable in just few minutes of time.

Item Summary

·         Nice machine design, looks like a small size ballet shoe

·         Cool and creative device, get your nails colored and beautified at home in just a few seconds

·         Easy to operate, lets you enjoy the DIY fun

·         6 pieces stamping glass templates, each piece has 9 different patterns: flowers, animals, etc

·         7 bottles of colorful nail oil totally in the set

·         You can change your nail style easily with these different colors and patterns

Product Specifications:

·         Power: No

·         Battery: No

Product Notes

·         Take off print head and then dip nail-washing water with a cotton swab.

·         Please tearing off the clear protective film firstly before you use.

·         Please paint the nail oil onto the metal plate quickly, then push the scraper to wipe away any excess nail oil. Press the seal head at once, then the design will be printed onto your nail surface. Remember to do these processes firmly and quickly, since the nail oil will dry completely within a few minutes time.

Package Contents:

·         1 x Nail-Coloring Machine

·         6 x Nail Stamping Template (each has 9 patterns)

·         7 x Bottles of Nail Oil

·         1 x User Manual - English

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