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 Portable Family Sauna
Portable Family Sauna EM206 ·        ...
AED 299
Ex Tax: AED 299
ABS Six Pack Care
Bond with the abdominal trainer, as you venture on a journey...
AED 275
Ex Tax: AED 275
Air Walker Elliptical Trainer
Burn calories, tone your muscles, and improve your cardiovas...
AED 449
Ex Tax: AED 449
Beauty Body  shaper
    Waist training requires dedication and d...
AED 129
Ex Tax: AED 129
Bi-Feather King Eye brow trimmer and Hair remover
All of us look different in one way or the other and that is...
AED 49
Ex Tax: AED 49
Brow Stamp
The Brow  Stamp is perfectly matched to provide na...
AED 69
Ex Tax: AED 69
Cellulite slimming breifs
Cellulifting slimming textiles are made of an intelligent, b...
AED 69
Ex Tax: AED 69
Charcoal full body corset shaper
 Need to get back in shape fast after having your lit...
AED 89
Ex Tax: AED 89
Comfort knee Support
AED 39
Ex Tax: AED 39
Crazy Fit Massager
Crazy Fit Massage is the amazing Whole Body Vibration Traini...
AED 899
Ex Tax: AED 899
DIY Nail art magic
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION With this cool and creative little ma...
AED 99
Ex Tax: AED 99
Electric Hot Bag
DESCRIPTION Curing body cramps and aches Reducing ...
AED 35
Ex Tax: AED 35
Facial Massager and vibrator
Main Features: With 7 functions, it can perfectly massage...
AED 90
Ex Tax: AED 90
Fitness Hula hoop
The Fitness Hula Hoop 92cm lets you hula hoop your way ...
AED 199
Ex Tax: AED 199
Head spa pro
The Scalp SPA will send tingling sensations from ...
AED 19
Ex Tax: AED 19
Iron gym bar
Iron Gym is the multi function training bar that combines ev...
AED 149
Ex Tax: AED 149
Lunar Health pillow
 Pillows that one is not just any pillow, his name aja ...
AED 99
Ex Tax: AED 99
Magic Arm shaper
Aside from when dressing as a fairy for Halloween or an ange...
AED 49
Ex Tax: AED 49
Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat
brush Cleaning Mat is an innovative hands-free tool cleaning...
AED 39
Ex Tax: AED 39
Multifunction Foot Bath Massager
The Multifunction Foot Bath Massager is the perfect combinat...
AED 199
Ex Tax: AED 199
Neck and chin  slimmer
With the Neckline Slimmer, you can tighten and tone your nec...
AED 59
Ex Tax: AED 59
Neck and Shoulder Tapping Massager
Description • Portable hands-free design • Stylish des...
AED 179
Ex Tax: AED 179
panasonic hair dryer
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, why not have another with...
AED 69
Ex Tax: AED 69
Pedi Spin
Item specifics Item Type: Foot Care Tool ...
AED 45
Ex Tax: AED 45
Power Ball
Power ball doesn't need battery, it is powered by rotat...
AED 79
Ex Tax: AED 79
Power Perfect Pore
Item specifics Item Type: Cleanser Gende...
AED 49
Ex Tax: AED 49
Rechargeable Black head Remover
This portable microdermabrasion beauty machine comes with 4 ...
AED 69
Ex Tax: AED 69
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