Grip n Go universal mobile holder

Grip n Go universal mobile holder

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  • Secure mobile phones and gadgets with grip n go
  • Quickly and easily wraps to window or dashboard
  • Wide suction area that allows the capture of the mobile phone easily without clasps
  • Suitable for all types of mobile phones, as well as GPS devices, tablets and other devices

How it works
When it comes to answering a cell phone, it’s usually a pretty easy procedure if the phone is nearby. When it comes to driving and answering the cell phone, this is where the difficulties begin. It’s not safe to talk on a cell phone and drive at the same time unless a hands-free kit is used. A lot of drivers struggle to use a lot of mounted and other hands free kits, but this is where Gripgo can help to make life a lot easier.

Any phone model, Any position. Grip go will provide that secured yet non-sticky grip for your mobile while you’re on the go! Talk, navigate and drive safely with the universal car phone mount. Grip Go instantly grips any style phone or GPS and mounts to your dash or windshield without any tools or adhesives.

Unique polymer surface acts like a million suction cups that instantly grip and release over and over again. If it gets dirty, just remove cradle, rinse with water, and it performs like new. Adhesiveness properties remain strong as ever! The 360 degree pivoting mount allows you to always get the perfect viewing angle. It can also be adjusted higher or lower to your preference.

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