24 LED Cube speaker

24 LED Cube speaker

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The Disco Cube is a fun, compact Bluetooth-enabled wireless speaker that measures 9 x 9 x 9 cm. As shown in the images, the portable speaker looks a bit like a Rubik’s cube, but apparently there is no a pivot in its cubic body that allows you to turn its faces, and its compact design allows you to store the Disco Cube in your bag and take it  any where

As its name implies, the cube-shaped mini speaker features built-in sound-activated lights along with five different color-changing light modes. When playing your favorite music, the Disco Cube’s squares start flashing to the beat, delivering you charming lighting effects, and each light mode display the lights in a variety of beautiful patterns and hues.

​In addition to built-in Bluetooth technology, the portable speaker also has a 3.5mm audioinput that allows it to work with any music player with 3.5mm audio jack. Moreover, the Bluetooth speaker also features a built-in SD card reader, so with your memory card filled with your favorite songs, it doubles as a music player. Apart from that, the cube is powered by a rechargeable 800mAh battery, and it allows you to make and receive handsfree calls.






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