Electric Hot Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

Electric Hot Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

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Do you have a perfect hot hot brush hair straightener styler?

This electric hot comb is highly recommended for your beauty routine to solve problems like broken hair etc. The 3-in-1 design includes Ceramic Iron Straightener, Detangling Brush, and Anion Hair Massager, which lets your hair not only straight but also smoother and healthier.

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Safety and Time-saving:

The anti-scald technology can not only stop you from burning skin or hands but also maintain temperature when styling your hair. This hair straightening brush straightener heats up quickly so you can get the professional-looking results in few minutes.

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One comb fits most hair:

Heating temperature: 80℃~230℃(176℉~446℉)

1. Gear #1 : Soft, thin hair: 130℃/266℉

2. Gear #2 : Gold hair, bleaching and dyeing or colored hair: 145℃/293℉

3. Gear #3/4 : Normal or slightly curly hair: 160℃/320℉~175℃/347℉

4. Gear #5/6 : Thick, curly and wavy hair: 190℃/374℉ ~200℃/392℉

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Material: ceramic

Weight: 1 pounds

Package Size: 13*4*2.5 inches

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1. Make sure your hair is dry. Do not use this on damp hair.

2. Combed thoroughly before use it and lets your hair inner area of the comb.

3. Ensure to detangling your hair and use the heat protectant first before use it.

4. If you want to keeps straight hair last longer, please use hair styling lotion and softener lotion and wash clean before hair straightening.

5. If your hair is so thick or curly, you should not clip too much hair; if you want to clip more hair, you should be slow down the speed in the process of drawing.

What you get:

1 × Hair Straightener 1 × Operational Manual 2 × Hair Clips Gift

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