Bolo circular chef's knife

Bolo circular chef's knife

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  • It's shell is made of high quality ABS/TPE, good touch feeling and non-slip.
  • Ergonomic Design allows you to move back and forth to cut various foods with minimal strength, protects your wrists and avoids getting overtired.
  • And that's also a more efficient way to cut.
  • Multi-functional:Lifine has a sharp blade, it cuts a variety of food, such as beef, vegetables, pizza, cakes, fruit and so on.
  • It helps you perpare a diner rapidly and save your time greatly.
  • Sharper Blade :Really Japanese stainless steel SUS420J2, never rust, this blade is sharper than other brands products, this is really important point to a kitchen knife. It's easy-cleaned and cared.
  • Quality Assurance :This is also a fashionable and caring gift for momen, they will love it very much.



Kitchen Revolutionary, Unique Circular Rolling Fork, six inch (6 "), Ergonomic Design Can U to be efficient in cutting meat and vegetables, and Protect Your Wrist.Rolling Knife Can a Variety of Foods, such as beef, vegetables, pizza, sandwiches, fruit (Recommend the Use of Plastic and Wooden Cutting Boards, you can Blades durable) Cuts Easy by vegetables, fruits, nuts, and even meat. You will appreciate the sheer convenience of this real Ulu knife with which you enjoyably Speed Through Food preparation

EASY CLEAN-housing portion can be opened and you can wipe with warm water and detergent to the blade including rust-resistant steel blade very clean and safe for the next use. (Note: The blade not insert in the dishwasher, clean too long easy blade is dull)

EASY TO USE, only have to roll again and you can get a good cut of food. Perfect for cutting onions, garlic, and other vegetables and herbs.

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