Crash Time 4 - The Syndicate - Microsoft Xbox 360

Crash Time 4 - The Syndicate - Microsoft Xbox 360

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Get in and hit the gas!! Grip the wheel in a tense and thrilling car chase as you scream off in pursuit of criminals at illegal speeds and with a whole load of explosive action! You are the two highway cops, Ben and Semir, who are out to smash the syndicate! Play the new and intoxicating online multiplayer mode and compete in red-hot duels on molten asphalt with up to 7 friends. Select from over 40 cool racers and burn rubber over 100 km of meticulously reproduced roads in and around Cologne, Germany. The breathtaking stunts and spectacular crashes turn the chases into a nervewracking, authentic driving experience as your adrenaline levels soar to dizzying heights!

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