Street cricket champions 2 by sony psp

Street cricket champions 2 by sony psp

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  • Play It Your Way: Customise Matches and Tournaments To Suit Your playing Style
  • Master A Range of Dyanamic Batting and Bowling Techniques and Bring Bouns Objects Into Play
  • Select Your Squad From Ten Internation Teams and Conquer The World of Street Cricket


Product Description

Street Cricket Champions 2 is a must-have game for all cricket fans. Developed by the Indian game development company Trine Games, this game takes you back to your childhood where the Street Cricket tournaments would be one of the biggest events all year. The game play is simple and involves playing in an urban setting. Apart from normal and test innings, the game also features equal ball innings in which each player can only bat as long as the other one, as well as a complicated but fun innings named double wickets. Match types also vary, from the endurance type last man standing to hit and run, where the batsman must run when he touches the ball. With amazing graphics as well as authentic street sounds, Street Cricket Champions 2 PS2 is a Cricket based game with a difference.

As a player you are allowed to choose from nine teams with fanciful names like Hakka Heroes and Kangaroo Knights and play across nine different globally placed levels like a warehouse, a market and a 'dhaba'. PS2 Street Cricket Champions 2 doesn't pull any punches with skill either, as it makes both bowling and batting interesting. As a batsman, you can aim your shots well into certain areas to make more runs and avoid being run out. As a bowler, you must combine a series of pace and spin moves to master the game and use fielders quickly and effectively to take catches as well as attempt run-outs. With an exciting plethora of situations and an exciting yet simple game play, Street Cricket Champions 2 for PS2 is a game all cricket enthusiasts would love to have.

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