Crash of the Titans PSP

Crash of the Titans PSP

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The evil Neo Cortex has turned the creatures of Crash`s island into horrific mutations! But by using a whole arsenal of new combat moves Crash can hijack the monsters and gain control of their awesome powers.

  • Hyper-Dynamic Combat: For the first time ever in a Crash game, Crash now has a powerful acrobatic fighting system: punches and flying kicks, multiple attacks and special counter moves. Power up skills to unlock new attacks and blazing combos!
  • With an amazingly expanded moveset, interact with his world in totally new ways. Climb trees, swing from ropes, flip off springboards but that`s just part of the packag - even toss Aku Aku on the ground and surf, skate, grind and shred.
  • Wacky Co-op Action: That`s right it`s twice the Crash! At any point in the game get your buddy to join in and work together to unleash total chaos! Crash can even jack Carbon-Crash (or vice versa) for some hysterical Crash/jacked-Crash mayhem!!!

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