car visor tissue holder

car visor tissue holder

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This is a convenient and easy to use tissue box for your car. It is designed to fit onto your car's sun-visor which is an easy to reach location to get tissues and does not get in your way. This box comes in attractive and bright colors and looks great in your car. The lid of this box slides easily for opening. Just Slide the lid and take out the tissue when you need. Since it clips onto the visor, it doesn't take space in your glove-box or on your dashboard. The Clip is very strong and attaches tightly onto the visor, the box will not rattle when driving. This box comes with tissues and is easy to refill. ‚Äč

Product Features:- 

Convenient Tissue Box that Fits on the Sun-Visor of Your Car. 

Sun-Visor Fitting - Use the Clip on the Back of the Box to Affix it Onto the Sun-Visor of Your Car. Easy and Convenient. 

Easy to Use Tissue Container with Sliding Lid - Just Slide the Cover to Open and Take Out Tissues. 

Easy to Refill - This Box Comes with Tissues But it is Also Very Easy to Refill it. 



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