Sixpad Abs Care

Sixpad Abs Care

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The creation of SIXPAD body and abs fit is inspired by global football icon, Cristiano Ronaldo,  who is the product’s ambassador, get one now if you want body like Ronaldo. 

Exercise while reading or doing household chores or even during business trips with MTG Sixpad Abs Fit. It can be worn unobtrusively under your clothes, making it ideal for workouts whie you are on the job or on the move. All you have to do is fit Sixpad to your body and let it exercise your muscles to help you achieve an even more beautiful physique. The adhesive pads are fitted to the area that needs work be it abs, arms or butts – for 23-minute sessions that automatically ‘cycle from warm-up to cool-down’, increasing and decreasing in intensity, and voila! you just earned that six-pack on your lunch break, that is of course after several session


  • Soft Silicon
    Soft and thin enough to fit the contours of the body like a second skin
  • Electrodes
    Employs thin, highly durable silk printing. Effectively delivers electricity to the gel sheet.
  • Gel Sheets
    Superior adhesive attachment sheet that is non-sticky to the touch. Uniformly distributes electricity over the attached area of the body.
  • Control (Power/Level Adjustment)
    Sensation level adjustment function featuring 15 stages of adjustable strength.  









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