Easy back seat mirror

Easy back seat mirror

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Title : Easy view Baby backseat mirror
Worry how your little one are doing at the back but just don't have that extra eyes for it while driving on the road? Get the Easy View Back Seat Mirror for your car now and easily watch your kids even while you're driving! The 360 degree mirror rotate to any direction or angle, and best of all its convex mirror ensure maximum view without affecting your back view mirror sight.
* Rotates 360 degrees and pivots
* Mounts to headrest, so it does not block driver rear visibility
* Provides the perfect viewing angle so the driver never adjusts their own mirror
* EVA foam pad protects upholstery from any scratching
* Springloaded ball and socket maintains mirror 
* 7" diameter mirror
The NEW  Easy View Back Seat Mirror offers 360-degree rotation to provide the perfect angle to keep an eye on baby without having to adjust your rearview mirror. The large, 18cm shatterproof mirror uses a shallow convex design to give the largest and clearest reflection available. Installation is simple, and works with any seat headrest. Because of the ability to adjust the angle for the perfect view, the mirror does not have to be placed directly above the baby.


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