2in1 Double Sided Boards - Blackboard and Magnetic Whiteboard

2in1 Double Sided Boards - Blackboard and Magnetic Whiteboard

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Amazing learning easel with quick flip double sided boards; black board and magnetic board 2 in 1 the design of our boards for learning activities focuses on creating a comfortable and entertaining experience that helps to develop knowledge and skills at an early age. Allow your little ones be creative with this magnificent set! this easel is very easy to assemble and put into place, lightweight material, very easy to carry around and to clean. It will hold the board in a safe and perfect place for your kid to enjoy hours of entertainment. Please be aware that in addition, the board can be placed and removed off the easel. So easy to swop from side to side! use the big chalks on the blackboard to draw and write whatever you want. You can use the little sponge to clean the board and keep it tidy after you have used it. If you actually want to draw something on paper, turn the board and you will find two clips on the top of the white board, these hooks will hold your paper sheet in place so you can write and draw more comfortable. Fancy playing with magnets? This set includes a total of 84 magnets of letters, numbers and math symbols. So much to learn!! this easel 2in1 boards set is perfect for learning activities and artistic activities; improve spelling, calligraphy, reading, drawing and painting. This is without doubt, one of the best companions for a little learner. Set includes: 1x easel. 1X shelve. 1X boards two in one (black and white). 2X chalks (1x blue, 1x white). 1X little sponge. 2X magnet sheets (84 magnets in total). 2X hooks (to hold board). 1X stickers sheet. Easel measures: high 94cm x 44cm x 38cm (see pictures for more detail) please check sizes before purchase recommended age: from 3 years old.







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