Step Pedi Electric Foot Callus Remover

Step Pedi Electric Foot Callus Remover

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-Are you tired of dry, flaky, callused feet? Exfoliating helps but it’s hard to bend and twist just to reach!
-Well now there is an easier way! Introducing, the Step Pedi!
-The automatic hands free, mess free, waterproof foot smoother. It lets you exfoliate your feet without having to reach for the sexiest softest
feet you'll ever see! Simply tap it on with your toe and rest your foot on the Step Pedi.Bottoom Step Pedi Electric Foot Callus Remover Electronic Pedicure Foot File Removes Dry, Dead, Hard, Cracked Skin & Calluses AA Battery Use
-Step Pedi will do the rest by gently scrubbing the dead skin away!
And when you’re done simply empty it in the trash! NO MESS! NO STRESS!
-It is powerful yet gently files away dry, rough patches, dead skin and calluses in minutes. Never worry about rough callused heels and feet
this summer!
-Step Pedi has a comfortable cross bar that allows you to control the roller presser while the texture foot pad provides wonderful massaging
-Step Pedi Angled Outed Edges keeps you balance and works on wet or dry feet!
Step Pedi Electric Foot File
-Hands-Free: With a tap of the toe, you can exfoliate your feet while standing, sitting, reclining or even when you are in the bath!
-No uncomfortable bending or awkward twisting
-Suction Cups:Holds the Step Pedi on the side of the tub while bathing.
-Mess-Free:Traps shavings to prevent mess at home.
-Totally Painless & Gentle:High speed & powerful spinning foot tile removes calluses with ease.
Step Pedi Electric Foot File
Use Step Pedi while:
Watching TV
While doing your nails
Even while relaxing in the bath!

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