12+3 Cube wardrobe

12+3 Cube wardrobe

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•Each cube can withstand up to 10kg of weight
• Convenient and portable
•Lightweight and waterproof. Usable even after flood
• Easy to assemble and dissemble
• Efficient removal of dust and stains
•Attractive, fresh and colorful

Cabinets are made from waterproof soft resin pp material which enable efficient removal of dust and stains using a damp cloth, while environmental friendly elements make utilization risk free as they are made of resin, which are free from formic acid
These cabinets that come in the form of cubes are suitable for high rise residences and families who are concern about space management within the living space due to its convenient and portable structure. No screwdrivers needed, Living cabinets can easily be assembled using just bare hands. 

What's in the box?

1. PP Body Piece 35 x 45 cm – 30 pcs

2. PP Body Piece 35 x 35 cm – 12 pcs

3. PP Body Piece 17 x 45 cm – 4 pcs

4. PP Body Piece 17 x 35 cm – 3 pcs

5. PP Door Piece 35 x 35 cm – 12 pcs

6. Piece Lock (Connector) – 48 pcs

7. Door Defender/Door Magnet – 12 pcs

8. Hanger – 1pcs 


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