Mini Knitting DIY Machine Loom Toy

Mini Knitting DIY Machine Loom Toy

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Knitting machine, Weaving Looms, Youkexin 40-pin Large Smart Weaver Wool Machine for Kids & Adult Children’s.

Have fun creating beanies, scarves or blankets with this hand operated Knitting Machine, all you need is yarn. Easy to use, the machine will knit circular/tubular (for beanies and hats) or flat panel (for blankets and scarves), just thread the machine and turn the handle to start creating your own personal knitted items.

  • Discover the delights of knitting.
  • Knit your own fashionable designs.
  • You can knit scarves, hats, and socks.
  • Feature two Knitting methods: Plain Knit & Loop Knit
  • Faster than traditional knitting method

This kit includes:

40 needles, needle holder, take off needle, 4 base feet, and 2 screw fasteners for stable table mounting.


Good toys for children / kids.
Improve children's coordination and imagination.
Suitable for children over 6 years of age, under adult supervision.
Strengthen interaction with children and improve children's language skills.
Just gently shake the handle, you can easily knit a beautiful hat, scarf and so on.
Stimulate children's interest in new things, let the children themselves stimulate innovative thinking.


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