Beauty Body shaper

Beauty Body shaper

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Waist training requires dedication and devotion, it is not something that will just happen by occasionally wearing your waist cincher and it will take time, it will also need maintenance. I often get asked if a corset will permanently reduce your waist by however many inches, the corset is an inanimate object, it won’t do anything unless you use it to do what you want it to do. The key factor here is YOU!


The more you wear a cincher that cinches your waist, the more effect it will have. Waist reduction and reshaping requires discipline.  The best results are achieved with combining these key factors; waist cinching (using a waist cincher), a healthy diet, drink lots of water and regular exercise.
(Made with Latex for Compression)
STRONG Compression Level
Targets and shapes the abdomen and Full back
4 boning completely encased for increased support and to help the garment stay in place
Open bottom design that sits at the top of the hips
Inner and outer nylon and spandex lining

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