Adjustable Travel Pillow, Full Sleep while you Travel

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Adjustable Travel Pillow, Full Sleep while you Travel on an Airplane, Train or Bus, Support your Neck While you Travel and Sleep, Neck Pillow Comfortably Holds your Head Up

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SLEEP COMFORTABLY – Upgrade to sleeping class. Finally, a way to sleep comfortably in the middle of your travels. The Adjustable Travel Pillow neck pillow will make you forgot you aren’t sleeping at home. The #1 travel accessory in your luggage.

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TRAVEL PILLOW REDESIGNED – Sturdy fiberglass reinforced nylon frame to provide support and spring comfort. Then a super high quality memory foam pad keeping your head and face unbelievably comfortable. #arrivehappy·FIVE COMFORT MODES – Dozing mode, Snoozing Mode, Table Nap Mode, Deep Sleep Mode and Deep Sleep Side Mode. Any way you prefer, you can travel in comfort now whether on an airplane, train, bus or car.

NO MORE GIMMICKS – Most travel pillows attempt to give you comfort with your head upright but this is not how you sleep at night. Adjustable Travel Pillow allows you supported access to the full 180 degrees forward of your seat to get your head more horizontal. This is the way you normally sleep and it allows you to toss and turn in hundreds of different positions so you can find your sweet spot, replicating how you sleep each night.

EASY TO CARRY – The same strap that helps you get into Deep Sleep Mode also doubles as an easy carry strap. Now you can clip the Adjustable Travel Pillow onto your bag or carry it over your shoulder so you can use both hands allowing you to board quickly and easily.

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